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Compelling content on your website is vital for existing and potential customers as well as to drive SEO. The text needs to present technical details in a clear, concise and appealing manner to be sure that the visitor to the page doesn’t immediately hit the “back” button. Additionally, the content should address the “pain-points” or specific requirements of the customer, ensuring that it covers the unique selling points of the products or services being presented. Importantly, it must also be the right length and full of keywords so that your website ranks highly on search engines.

Our client G&H

G&H ( are a leader in photonics and design, develop, and manufacture both standard and completely customized solutions. Their product range spans over 200 individual items that are split into around 50 subcategory groups.

In the beginning of 2021 G&H realized that their website was becoming outdated in style and content, and they wanted to create a new website that was fresh, comprehensive, consistent, and maintained their competitive placing in the market. This objective to redesign their website required considerable planning and content generation to represent their photonic solutions to both old and new customers in an excellent manner.

Content generation

G&H needed to outsource a major part of this project and required a partner who could understand the wide scope of their technology and write compelling copy, that is keyword rich for search engine optimization (SEO). Due to the integration of new products over time, G&H’s old website had neither a consistent voice between the product offerings nor a consistent template and tools for promoting the different solutions.

Through interviews with each product manager, Anode Marketing was able to understand the scope and consistency between the product lines, and generate content that represented G&H in an attractive way, and included their entire range of solutions. In many cases this meant replacing very basic information with enhanced content, and adding drop-down filtering to enhance the ease of product selection via wavelength etc.

Aside from the product managers, Anode Marketing liaised with the marketing managers, business development managers, and other consultants, in order to devise an effective strategy that worked for the wide range of G&H products. Anode were able to look through the eyes of a typical customer and ensure that the information included was relevant, engaging and accurate. As a result, the website has been a qualified success, with G&H appearing top of the search results for many queries using the keywords used.

Project management

Beyond the technical business writing, Anode Marketing also helped with the strategy and project management to ensure a timely delivery of the website. Utilizing online Gantt chart tools, and progress dashboards, all aspects of the project were detailed in scope and duration. This far improved the transparency across the team, managed expectations and increased the efficiency of the project.

Spanning the diverse families of acousto-optics, crystal optics, electro-optics, fiber optics, precision optics, lens systems and sighting systems, G&H have a lot of product data and information, all in a variety of formats. The aim of the website was to homogenize the complete product range, including the products from two recently-purchased companies: StingRay Optics and Kent Sighting Systems. Anode managed the integration of all of the product sectors and reported the status regularly in online meetings throughout the entire project period.

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