Google Ads to Increase Traffic & Enquiries

How do you make sure that you are not wasting your investment in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising? The UK subsidiary of a global laser manufacturer was looking to continue growth and increase the number of new enquiries coming via the website whilst ensuring that the ROI on Google Ads was maintained as high as possible.  Anode Marketing set up a campaign with the goal of delivering more traffic to the website than from any other channel, and agreed a monitoring and reward payment scheme for the service based on the high quality click-throughs received in the campaign.

Anode Marketing Drives Traffic to website using PPC

The biggest risk when using Google Ads is wasted spend by showing Ads in searches that are irrelevant or poorly targeted by geography or keywords.  Monitoring the results of campaigns in Google Ads console and Google Analytics is essential to make the most of the amount spent.

Anode Marketing set up a filter in Google Analytics using a number of rules (clicks must originate from the UK, be new users and stay on the page for more than 20 seconds or browse to a second page).  Monitoring results from this page and regularly reviewing the results allowed performance to be continually improved and minimised wasted spend.  The “quality” traffic represented 20% of all traffic to the site, and the amount of traffic from Ads was higher than the organic search results, demonstrating the value that comes from advertising with Google. 

During the 4 years of the campaign, Anode Marketing increased the click-through rate of Ads, reduced the cost per click and increased the number of quality enquiries.

CTR increased in Google Ads by Anode Marketing

CPC reduction Anode Marketing

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