Are Webinars worth it?

Posted 14 October 2020

This year, more businesses than ever are taking physical events like conferences and workshops online as webinars. Here at Anode we have learnt webinars can be just as worthwhile, and very often better. An online webinar can reach a wide audience and drive sales enquiries to new business. How? Webinars accommodate live networking opportunities, keynote speakers, Q&A sessions and breakout sessions, which create opportunities to build relationships and generate revenue for businesses. 

With no travel or accommodation costs, virtual events reduce your overheads dramatically too. Plus, its live and recorded so continues to work hard for you after the event is over when promoted correctly. Showcase your brand & products to a targeted live audience and build brand awareness and credibility on a topic your company has expertise in. 

Want to run a webinar, but don’t have the time or expertise?
If you haven’t yet dipped your toes in this area through lack of experience or time, don’t let that stop you. Anode can help you run your event online. It’s hard work as it requires planning and time, but it’s a smarter way of marketing. And we are experienced at it.

Anode can tackle all the steps required to make your webinar a success, from building a landing page to connecting with new, relevant prospects and signing up an audience to attend your webinar. It needs to be easy to host, simple to join, professional, and run without glitches. Above all it needs to be within your budget and provide a positive experience for attendees. 

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