Google Ads Masterclass Training Module

Posted 1 April 2020

Wasting £££s on Google Ads

How can you get more clicks for your budget and avoid having timewasters click on your Ads? With Google Ads it is easy to waste a lot of money in poorly targeted Ads that consume your budget without delivering any leads or orders.

Anode Marketing has a new masterclass training module which is designed to teach you how to make Google Ads deliver the right type of traffic and lots of it to your website landing pages.  Delivered using the video conferencing and screensharing App “Zoom”, the training can take place at a time and date to suit. Split up into four sessions of one hour each, the course materials include slides and a downloadable video of each lesson for revision and reminder of the expert advice.  

Session 1: Set-up – Using the Search network & finding the right keywords
Session 2: Tune-up – Adding negative keywords & A/B testing your Ads 
Session 3: Fire-up – Use Ad extensions & bidding options to up your performance
Session 4: Mop-up – Reporting and linking to Google Analytics, analysing results

Google Ads can get you to the top of the search engine results and can substantially multiply your website traffic with excellent targeting. All you need is a number of suitable landing pages and you can start to convert the traffic that your Ads generates.

Google Ads are ideally suited to small or large organisations, once you have set your daily budget (for example £30 per day) you can be sure that you won’t be charged more than that. You also only pay for the clicks that are directing visitors to your website – impressions are free!

For more information about training or account management:

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