High Impact Images for Use Online

Posted 5 August 2020

High Impact Images for Use Online

High-quality images of your products or application samples will enhance your website and social media channels. Although you can get good results from your smartphone, the detail of micro-sized parts and the correct lighting and background can really make your images “pop”.

Especially if your parts are smaller than the size of a matchbox, it can be difficult to get a high quality close up image in the right resolution without the right lenses and lighting. Examples of what Anode can do in this specialist area of Macro Photography are shown below. We can even provide a reference item to use as a scale (coin, paperclip, matchstick etc.) and post-production can include removing background if required. Images can be turned around in 24-48 hours if you need a fast service.

If you need photography but are not ready for an on-site visit, you can send your parts to Anode in the mail – once you have approved the cropped, edited and enhanced images, the parts will be shipped back to you.

Get in touch now to discuss what you need and get an idea of costs.

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