How Webinars Can Benefit Your Business

Posted 30 July 2020

How Webinars Can Benefit Your Business

With exhibitions, conferences and networking events cancelled, how can you still get face-to-face with a bunch of prospects to convert them to clients?

During the lockdown, the companies that fared best were those with a strong online presence. If you want to survive and thrive during the current climate, you need to keep your sales pipeline full and make sure your target market is aware of your latest offering.

You need a strategy that will replace the revenue previously generated by physical events like trade shows.

A webinar is the ideal tool to create an audience and present your company in a public manner to present what you have to offer and take live questions from your audience. It is live and interactive – but it is also recorded so people who are unable to attend live can watch later.

If you have never run a webinar, Anode Marketing can help you. Experienced in strategies for creating new connections and building an audience in your target market, Anode can tackle all the steps required to make your webinar a success, from building a landing page through connecting with new and relevant prospects to signing up an audience to attend your webinar.

You just need to work out a strategy in order to replace the revenue you were generating from areas that are no longer an option. Webinar technology makes life easier, without sacrificing quality. Here are just 5 reasons why you should consider running a webinar.


  1. Connect face-to-face with new connections
  2. Present what you offer to a captive audience
  3. No travel cost or time is efficient for all
  4. Interact with Q & A and open discussion
  5. Create new leads and connections to follow up

Webinars connect people from all around the world in real-time, allowing chats, Q&A sessions and more. With the interactive functionality of webinars, as host you can gain valuable insights into your audience interests, which in turn can drive product & service development.

Webinar attendees use sign-up forms which can help you increase your network of hot prospects, and turn them into customers. Webinars save you time and money by eliminating the need to travel, and organise expensive events. After the webinar, you can continue to reach your audience, as webinars can be watched on-demand.

Creating, organising and hosting a successful webinar requires planning and time. It needs to be easy to host, simple to join, professional, and run without glitches. Above all it needs to be within your budget and provide a positive experience for attendees. Need help organising your next webinar?

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