Learn How to Grow Your Business Using LinkedIn

Posted 13 October 2020

Learn How to Grow Your Business Using LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn and why you should be using it more?
LinkedIn is considered the top professional online platform for B2B marketing. With over 675 million members in over 200 countries, it offers a unique opportunity to promote brands, products and services. It drives traffic to company websites and it ranks highly in Google search results too. With the right strategy, you can build connections that help your business grow and keep your sales pipeline full. What else can you do right now that delivers better results?

Building your network
LinkedIn networking is about building business connections, followers and ultimately new sales leads from people who don’t already know you. Anode can help you develop a strategy to build your connections. Posting often creates opportunities for engagement and can drive traffic to your landing pages to significantly increase sales. We can help with that too.

Accelerate your LinkedIn learning
Dave at Anode can give step by step instructions in his Masterclass Training Module, designed especially for marketing & sales teams in the laser industry. In 4 easy bitesize sessions, you can learn:

Session 1: Planning - Make your Company Page outperform the rest
Session 2: Connecting - Grow your audience to 1,000s of targeted followers
Session 3: Creating - Create content that people will read, like and share
Session 4: Delivering - Tools to manage your monthly marketing plans

If you are working in a niche sector, like lasers for material processing, you can use LinkedIn to target those specific markets. LinkedIn makes it easy to find and broadcast to key decision-makers in your sector, who are looking for products and services like yours. Get in touch to find out how we can help you grow your business on LinkedIn today.

Contact dave@anodemarketing.co.uk or call +44 7473 121142 today for more information.

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