LinkedIn…with LASER focus

Posted 31 March 2020

Feel you are missing the benefit of the wide reach of LinkedIn?
Losing out on mentions and recommendations to your competitors?
Struggling to understand whether LinkedIn is time well spent?

Anode Marketing has a new Masterclass Training Module which is designed to teach LinkedIn for marketing or sales teams in the laser industry.

Delivered using the video conferencing and screensharing App “Zoom”, the training can take place at a time and date to suit.

Split up into four sessions of one hour each, the course materials include slides and a downloadable video of each lesson for revision and reminder of the expert advice.  

Session 1: Planning – Make your Company Page outperform the rest
Session 2: Connecting – How to grow your audience to 1,000s of targeted 
Session 3: Creating – Craft the content that people will read, like and share
Session 4: Delivering – Tools to manage your monthly marketing plans

Mastering LinkedIn is a great way to grow connections, reputation, enquiries and business.  Experience an immediate increase in your sales funnel by implementing the proven strategies given in the training.

LinkedIn currently has over 675 Million users globally - 28 Million are in the UK, 211 Million in Europe and 167 Million in USA. 

If you are working in a niche sector, like lasers for material processing, you can use LinkedIn to target the specific markets that match your marketing goals. LinkedIn makes it easy to find and broadcast to the key decision makers who are looking to use your products and services. 

Contact or call +44 7473 121142 today for more information.

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