Marketing – 10 things you really should do right now

Posted 19 May 2020

Here are 10 things you should be doing when you are working from home if you are involved in marketing and sales:

1 Build your network – Try to invite 20 new contacts every day to join your LinkedIn network.

2 Write some content – Put together case studies, application reports, technology guides on your products and services

3 Phone your contacts – Use this time to go through your phone book. A lot of people are working from home and you will get them on their mobiles more easily.

4 Plan your marketing year – If you find you never have time to do this, take the time today. Without travel and face-to-face meetings we all have some more time.

5 Update your website – Take time to see which pages can be sharpened up. Invest a little time in SEO and posting new updates.

6 Get social – Keep an eye on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for business news, new prospects and things you can comment on, like or share.

7 Post, post, post! – Up your content posting on LinkedIn especially to be more visible. Write engaging content that people actually will want to read.

8 Train yourself – There are lots of great free courses online through YouTube and LinkedIn to up your skills and experience in topics like SEO, marketing, photography….

9 Read a book or 3 – Fill up your bookcase or your kindle with the best books for relaxation and enhancing your knowledge of whatever interests you. Clear your head.

10 Reach out – There are others in your network that you could help you. Perhaps they have the same audience but are not competing with you. Reach out and form a strategic alliance.

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