Online events… perfect for a hybrid workforce

Posted 5 August 2021

Online events like webinars are here to stay

Work flexibility is a hot topic in our post-pandemic world with many employees choosing to work part of their time in their workplace and part remotely. In today’s hybrid work environment companies are using webinars to deliver content to both home and office-based workforces. Online events are perfect for our emerging hybrid workers, geography is no barrier, people can join from anywhere in the world. Online audiences can be more defined, allowing the serving up of more targeted information to an engaged and wider audience.

Savings are reallocated to drive bigger audiences
The cost of running an online event is considerably less than a live event. With savings made on travel, venue hire, catering etc. the marketing budget can be put towards promoting the event and drawing a bigger audience.

Online Events are Evolving to Drive Engagement
Necessity being the mother of invention, online events have had to adapt to be more agile in developing platforms that allow greater engagement, to allow participants to learn, network and interact easily.

Events are continuing to evolve to allow greater online participation, with practice sessions to allow familiarity, Q&A sessions to drive engagement, and employing techniques to encourage interactions for more captive audiences. For example, some event organisers have experimented with, scheduling regular breaks, adding entertainment, creating visual and audible clues within the presentations to collect, to win prizes. There is no limit, only one’s imagination.

Need help organising your next webinar?
In an increasingly digital world, online events need to run smoothly, without hitches and be inventive in driving participant engagement. Anode can help you with strategy, content, planning, organising and marketing your event. We help you leverage your webinar to get more sales opportunities & clients.

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