Technical copywriting in challenging times

Posted 9 September 2021

Today, manufacturers face even greater challenges than ever arising from the pandemic and Brexit. Companies are in short supply of parts, facing shipping delays, and are having to adapt to these unique challenges.

With all the focus on production and operations, many companies are finding that technical copywriting is falling down the priority list and never gets to the top.

Are you under pressure to create clear technical copy?
You know your business and how it works. Your product is complex, and your customers expect high quality supporting documentation.

You can provide all the detail and specifications needed for technical content writing. But you lack the time and technical writing skills to deliver useful and easy to understand information in a cost-effective way.

Why is this hard to achieve?
It may be a lack of dedicated resources to content writing, or perhaps your content is written by technicians on the side? Often there is poor communication between technicians and content creators.

It can be a painful process with very little attention given to the customer’s needs. Resulting in copy that is either never updated, badly organised or inconsistent.

We know your business
Here at Anode Marketing, we specialise in marketing for the laser industry. With a background in engineering, physics and lasers, we are ideally placed to help you with your technical writing. We understand your business and can deliver accurate, easy to understand information in a cost-effective way.

Our Technical Copywriting Services
We offer a technical copywriting service, providing clear & precise information about complex products, processes, machinery and software. We can help you with:

  • Technical and Product Documentation
  • Ensuring brand consistency across all content
  • Developing Processes & Procedures
  • Organising Technical Documents into logical sections
  • Updating Website Content

Do you want to update your technical content?
It’s easy, just get in touch for a free no-obligation quote today.

Contact: or call +44 7473 121142 for a friendly chat.

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