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Posted 28 April 2020

During the lockdown, there are many opportunities to prepare for the times ahead. After a deep recession, like this one caused by the pandemic, there is always a sharp recovery, but there are also casualties along the way.

Organisations with a good online presence, landing pages, pay-per-click and SEO will be better placed to survive and thrive in the future.

During the recovery phase there won’t be time to catch up on your marketing, your website or any of the things that make you stick out from the crowd. So take a look at your website (or let Anode review it for you for free).

Anode Marketing has experience in delivering easy to maintain, attractive and high-performing websites to get your message to a larger audience – targeted at the people you can win business from. Many people use an agency to build a WordPress site that looks good but doesn’t have the presence or the SEO to reach the audience that are seeking your products and services.  Anode is experienced in both marketing and the laser material processing marketplace – something unique that makes a big difference.

The above website for Cyan Tec Systems was put together to meet their objectives to stand out from their competition with a professional site with more traffic and more business as a result.

Have your exhibition and conference plans been put on hold? Put your marketing and travel budget towards improving your online presence. Wouldn’t you like people to find you and learn all about what you can do before they even pick up the phone?

Anode Marketing has been in business for 6 years and builds on 30 years’ experience of lasers for material processing in the UK and worldwide.

Contact dave@anodemarketing.co.uk or call +44 7473 121142 today for more information.

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