Video series on marketing - Google Ads-1 Video#2

Posted 7 May 2020

Now more than ever, when exhibitions and conferences are not taking place, it is important that your products and services are visible to potential buyers. Most Google searches that land on your website will be people who search for your company name. These people already know about you - but you really want to be discovered by people who are looking for what you can offer but don't know you yet.

In the early 2000s it was quite straightforward to get up on page 1 of Google by simple SEO, now even if you have the top search result you will observe that Google Ads occupy the prominent top slots. With people searching on mobile devices, working from home, you will find that they generally click on one of the Ads more often than any other result.

Getting to the top position in Google Ads is easy, but do you want to avoid wasting a fortune every month on clicks that cost money and bounce (because the searcher was seeking something else). This is where Anode Marketing can help you by refining your keywords (and adding plenty of negative keywords), fine-tuning your ads and your landing pages to make your campaign deliver a much higher rate of conversions.

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