Wasting £££ on Google Ads?

Posted 5 August 2020

Wasting £££ on Google Ads?

If you have any experience with Google Ads (formerly AdWords), you will know that setting up, maintaining, optimising and evaluating the results of campaigns can be a troublesome and time-consuming activity. Perhaps you are running it in-house and don’t have the resource to maintain your campaigns and avoid waste. Or maybe you are outsourcing the management to an agency that doesn’t understand your products, services and your market.

Poorly targeted campaigns which don’t have regular maintenance waste budget and result in a small number of real enquiries within a sea of wasted clicks.

Outsourcing your Ad Campaign management to Anode will enable you to increase the quality of your clicks and/or reduce the cost per click – the return on investment is clear as more enquiries lead to more new business. Google Ad listings are the top of page results that attract the most clicks.

When business is tough, outsourcing to Anode allows you to:

  • Stay ahead of your competition
  • Target your marketing spend
  • Survive and thrive in 2020

Find out how you can work with Anode to maximise the effectiveness of your Ads on Google. Call Dave today on +44 7473 121142 or email dave@anodemarketing.co.uk

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